We have built a team of over 25 members, including investment professionals, our finance and operations team and our Operating Advisors, with over 950 years of collective aerospace and defense industry experience. We believe our team’s combination of proven aerospace and defense industry investment and operating experience differentiates us and enhances our ability to execute our investment strategy.

Investment Professionals

Rowan G.P. Taylor

Managing Partner

Michael J. Warren

Partner and ESG Officer

Jack F. Nadal


James C. Black


Stuart I. Oran

Senior Advisor

Christopher D. Novick

Vice President

Caleb B. Pelger

Vice President

Matt G. Seely

Senior Associate

Kyle R. Wohler


Finance and Operations

Kent T. Scott

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Catherine A. Baril

Executive Assistant

Megan L. Farr

Office Manager

Operating Advisors